About Star Tree

Star Tree is an Information Technology company that provides solutions in the areas of software and web development. Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals to serve you with best IT solutions.

What makes us different from others in the league of IT solution providers, is our firm dedication to offer value to our esteemed clients. We value people and thus, are a strong supporter of their participation in creating the good work.
Star Tree team: We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are always at your service to help you in various areas of web designing and development. We believe in quality solutions and keeping ourselves updated. We all have a common vision of growth and development of our client with commitment.

Star Tree leadership: Star Tree is headed by a young, focussed and experienced Indian who has a vast technical knowledge in the field of providing IT solutions. He has experience of handling various major projects with clientele from UK, US as well as India. He believes in his team and in doing team work as he has a belief that 'alone he can win but with his team, he can succeed'.

Star Tree belief: we believe in utilizing best of our technology and sources for our clients to make their work simple and easier. We believe in teamwork with commitment. We also believe in futuristic growth of our client because we believe, 'in a world of tuff competition it's our duty to create a market place for our client'.

Star Tree focus: Our focus is to enable customers all over the world to access our services. To help them make their work simple and easier to best of our capability.

Our commitment to customer service: We are the firm believers of doing what we commit. Star Tree team also consist of Customer Helping Executives that is available for help through telephonic conversation as well as through e-mail and chat.
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